What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s highest level planning document, meant to guide citizens, landowners, developers, businesses and local officials as they make decisions about the future. It looks at circumstances that are beyond the city’s control, like demographics or the global economy. In that context, the plan establishes priorities for near-term action and goals for the long-term.

How does a Comprehensive Plan get written?

A Comprehensive Plan requires a city to answer a series of questions:

1. What are we working with? What is possible?

2. What do we care about? Where do we want to go?

3. How do we get there? What's our strategy?

The process involves building a base of interested citizens who can reach out to other members of the community to test ideas. Information is then collected on environmental resources, population projections and growth, housing, the economy, and public services. This research helps to determine the possible futures Waynesboro could achieve and the trade-offs that have to be made to achieve them.

Input from that network of citizens then creates a set of core values that can be applied to the world of possibilities. With input from technical advisers, citizens can then craft a strategy for achieving or preserving those values. The final plan will be submitted to the Planning Commission. Once the Planning Commission approves it, it will go to City Council to be adopted.

This project is directed by a volunteer Steering Committee of community members appointed by City Council as well as a technical committee made up of city staff members.  czb LLC of Alexandria, VA (www.czb.org) has been hired to lead the document creation.

Planning Schedule

Winter/Spring 2017

Background Analysis

Steering Committee & Technical Committee Meetings

Community & Focus Group Meetings

Summer/Fall 2017

Steering Committee & Technical Committee Meetings

Community & Focus Group Meetings

Draft Plan Created

Fall/Winter 2017

Public Presentation of Draft Plan Concepts

Draft Plan Refined

Final Plan Created

Final Plan Presented


Steering Committee

  • Elzena Anderson (City Council, Planning Commission)
  • Stephen Arey (Planning Commission)
  • Shannon Boyle (Planning Commission)
  • Doug Davis
  • Miguel Eusse
  • Melinda Ferguson
  • Bob Harris
  • Sam Hostetter
  • Kathy Johnson
  • Mary Kane
  • Andrew Kelly
  • Danny Ledford
  • Noelle Owen
  • Terry Short (City Council)
  • Stacey Strawn
  • Diana Williams (School Board)
  • David Wolfe
  • Sue Wright

Technical Advisory Committee

  • Greg Hitchin (Director of Economic Development)
  • Dwayne Jones (Director of Parks and Recreation)
  • Luke Juday (Director of Planning)
  • Brian McReynolds (Director of Public Works)
  • Jim Shaw (Deputy City Manager)
  • Mike Wilhelm (Chief of Police)
  • Todd Wood (City Engineer)

Planning Commission

    • Constance Paradiso, Chair
    • Patrick McNicholas, Vice Chair
    • Elzena Anderson, Council Liaison
    • Stephen Arey
    • Shannon Boyle
    • Andrew Kelly
    • Miguel Eusse